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David (Robert) Cohen

David Cohen was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1951, the son of an artist. He immigrated to Israel at the age of 9, and was brought up in Jerusalem. Today he lives near Tel Aviv with his wife and children.
He studied Art in the Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem, Israel and in the Sir John Cass School of Art in London, England.

He specializes in figurative landscape and cityscape paintings, and in particular the enchanting scenes of Jerusalem and Safed. His work underlines the way in which the sacred interacts with the secular and the traditional with the modern. His fresh renditions of traditional well-known, sites updated to their everyday relationship with modern Israeli life, make his work relevant, current and touching.


Through his paintings, he transmits his personal feelings towards the places and times throughout his life:
From his early childhood in Morocco: and after a recent visit to Morocco, he was inspired by the exotic landscapes and interesting faces of this wonderful country, and painted a selection of works from his travels, these being expressed in the Moroccan paintings: he was inspired by the people and culture  with the sight of old men in djellabas, donkeys laden with firewood, the nomad women dressed in  traditional clothing and the big-eyed children, the picturesque old Kasbahs: clusters of rough, adobe mountain dwellings tumbling down rocky hillsides, dark, mysterious souks and the bustling street scenes of the World-heritage cities.
From the country and city in which he grew up: Israel and particularly Jerusalem: the enchanting and quaint corners, old streets and narrow alleyways of this golden city; the secular and non-secular people, the modern and ancient buildings with the unique Jerusalem stone.
Various techniques are found in the oil paintings and drawings; the rich and vivid colors, contrast of light and shadow that produce the special colors in the paintings. His paintings are mainly realistic, whilst his latest works have broad brush strokes.
These paintings will enable the landscapes of Israel to come into your home and hearts, wherever you reside.
May you enjoy browsing the website and take pleasure in viewing these paintings. If you wish to purchase any of the paintings or would like a commission painted, please contact the studio through the site.

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